Salon International London

Hair Novelties Abound at Salon International London

Salon International is the United Kingdom’s biggest hairdressing event and one we couldn’t miss — especially now, with the upcoming publication of our hot topic report, Professional Hair Care Retailing: Channel Analysis and Opportunities, and the expansion of our groundbreaking salon data tracking service Kline PRO into the United Kingdom and Ireland markets. With more than 400 brands exhibiting, the show offered a solid scene to uncover some of the latest novelties, trends, and developments in the salon hair care market. Here are some that caught our eyes the most:Continue reading

Salon Hair Care

Salon Hair Care: A Sum-up of the 27 Countries Reviewed

Our coverage of the salon hair care market began in the early 1990s, focusing only on the United States. In 2007, it expanded into a global study, and since then each year we’ve been adding new countries and meaningful information to watch out for. The recently completed edition of the Salon Hair Care Global Series, which is currently in publication, analyzes historically the highest number covered till now of 27 key countries across the globe, in standalone reports for each country. Let’s take a look at some of the key findings our analysis uncovered.Continue reading

Salon Hair Care Brands

The Big Migration: Salon Hair Care Brands Populate Retailer Shelves

The global salon hair care market registers a compound annual growth of 3% since 2012. While the market continues to see healthy gains, the business of hair salons isn’t flourishing. With clients cutting down on the frequency of their salon visits in many key salon hair care markets, such as the United States, Russia, Germany, and France, sales of these products have shifted out of the professional arena into the general marketContinue reading

Amazon Salon Pro and Natural Products Shake Up the German Salon Market

Amazon Salon Pro and Natural Products Shake Up the German Salon Market

Germany is the largest professional hair care market in Europe, driven by hair coloring, which makes up over 40% of salon hair care sales, according to our soon-to-be-published Salon Hair Care Global Series. Consumers in Germany continue to visit the salon for hair color services, as well as to experiment with lower commitment hair colors. On the other hand, marketers launch innovative color ranges, such as Goldwell’s Pure Pigments range, which claims high definition color intensity.Continue reading

Photo credit: TOP HAIR International

“Barberism” Stands Tall at TOP HAIR International

The 2017 edition of Germany’s most attended trade show of the hairdressing industry, TOP HAIR International in Dusseldorf, offered two days of excitement: starting from the abundant exhibition of new product launches to emerging trends in the world of hairdressing. Among the new trends happily enjoying increased popularity over the past two years is the movement in the professional skin care industry focused on revitalizing the culture of barbershops. I would like to call this movement “Barberism” as its growing popularity among today’s global consumers does not only oscillate around the increased purchase of male-specific grooming products, but also focuses on creating a new image of the contemporary man: sexy, confident with his masculinity, and well-groomed.Continue reading

Will Barbershops Continue to Thrive?

Behind the Beard Trend: Will Barbershops Continue to Thrive?

Over the last three years, the professional hair care industry has been a witness to the rapidly increasing interest of male consumers in using professional hair care products. While one could trace several factors contributing to this phenomenon, such as more professional hair care products being launched specifically for men or the greater interest from male consumers to use products with high efficacy, the root of this change is instead linked to the emergence of a new cultural shift among men focused on cultivating the sense of a natural lifestyle, strong identity, and masculinity through good grooming.Continue reading

Kline PRO

Hair Color Trends Transforming Sales in 2015

Fire, mermaid, and pastel balayage are among the coolest hair trends this year, and Kline can support the wide application of products to achieve these trends with market data coming straight out of U.S. salons.

From Katy Perry-inspired pastel rainbow hair to Kelly Osborne-styled lavender hues, colorful hair isn’t just for punk rockers anymore, and lots of women and men alike are ditching natural colors for another level of chic. They shadow roots with violet, teal, and pink, alternate coloring the ends with white, teal, and blue, creating a desired mermaid-like look. What’s more, there aren’t only mermaids out there now.Continue reading

Coty Acquires Procter & Gamble's Beauty Brands

Changing Tides: Procter & Gamble Returns to its Roots, and the Rise of Coty’s Beauty Empire

Procter & Gamble (P&G) has been the leader in the U.S. beauty and personal care market since the very first edition of Kline’s Cosmetics & Toiletries USA report was published in 1963. That study, which was authored in part by Dr. Charles Kline himself, reported P&G among the leaders in the soap, deodorant, toothpaste, and shampoo categories—a position the company still retains some 50+ years later, now with a new CEO taking the helm.

Once the transaction to shift ownership of 43 brands to Coty, which was announced in July 2015, is complete, P&G will slip to the #2 spot, leaving L’Oréal in the #1 position. Meanwhile, Coty will jump to fifth place, up from ninth, edging Johnson & Johnson out of the top five.Continue reading

`Salon Hair Care Global Series

Hair Treatments and Scalp Care Products Driving Growth in the Global Salon Hair Care Market

Newly released data from Kline’s Salon Hair Care Global Series shows that 2014 has been another good year for the global salon hair care market with almost 3% growth. For the first time in three years, Europe shows a positive sales performance. Although Spain and Italy are still lagging behind, Eastern European markets, such as Russia or Turkey, experience double-digit growth, boosting the entire region.

Conditioners is by far the fastest growing category globally, due to a surge in treatment product sales. Feeding the upward growth is a completely new breed of bond multiplier products sparked by the launch of Olaplex. This product can be used as an add-on during a coloring service to reduce breakage or as a standalone treatment to repair and condition the hair and has already generated several copycats.Continue reading