Physician-dispensed Skin Care

Physician-dispensed Skin Care: Perception and Satisfaction Survey

Regional Coverage: United States

Base Year: 2018
Published July 2019
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Base Year: 2020
To Be Published 3rd Quarter 2020
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Augmenting 15+ years of extensive reporting coverage of the professional skin care market, Kline is pleased to announce our fifth edition of an independent, research survey which helps marketers pinpoint what their doctor and physician-dispensed skin care clients value most when it comes to the brands they use and offer to their patients.

This Report Helps Marketers to:

  • Identify the most important attributes to physicians who are considered gold and platinum accounts when choosing a brand to use or sell to patients
  • Identify the gaps among the leading attributes for leading brands
  • Prioritize efforts for future product development and marketing initiatives based on physician type (dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medical spas)
  • Identify unmet physician needs
  • Learn first-hand insights from dispensing physicians about what they really want and value

Report Contents

Results from the survey are delivered in a PowerPoint presentation. Below are details of how the survey are reported.

Our survey is conducted with approximately 250 dispensing physicians in the United States that generate more than $75k from dispensing skin care products. A description of who are surveyed by physician type is shown in Table 1. All physicians must be dispensing for at least two years to qualify to be part of our study.

Key findings at a glance
This report section highlights key findings to the survey and what the implications are for brands (Table 2) competing in the physician dispensing market in the United States. Findings are shown by physician type.

The business of skin care
This report section provides a perspective on the state of the professional skin care business today and what can be expected for the future by provider type. Also included are highlights from our survey on areas, such as the importance of private labels and brand awareness.

What matters most?
This section shows exactly how important specific attributes are in the skin care providers’ decision to use/offer a professional skin care brand. These attributes are listed in Table 3. The results helps subscribers see if there is a gap between perceptions of what they believe to be important versus how our panel responded.

Who performs best?
This report section provides a close-up look at the performance of the top professional skin care brands, rated against the attributes, as shown in Table 3.

This section provides subscribers with valuable recommendations and opportunities.

Physician-dispensed Skin Care Professionals

Physician-dispensed Skin Care Professional Medical Care Provider Brands

Physician-dispensed Skin Care List of Importance and Satisfaction Attributes

Scope & Benefits

Physician-dispensed Skin Care: Perception and Satisfaction Survey provides brand marketers with an objective view of how the leading skin care brands are rated on several different attributes according to how doctors in the United States rank their needs and interests. How skin care professionals view their future aesthetic business and evolving needs is also assessed, which helps marketers to project future supply and demand. Our research shows what is important to those who are responsible for making purchase decisions on which professional brands to carry to those who actually work with the products on a daily basis.

Our panels consists of the following:

  • Physicians and medical offices in the United States that dispense skin care products, selected at random
  • Knowledgeable staff who work with or are responsible for placing orders of skin care products
  • Vast majority are plastic surgeon, dermatologist, or medical spa location


This report assists the professional skin care marketer in identifying opportunities with potential shortfalls that require focus as well as establish near-term and long-term opportunities. This report helps subscribers in:

  • Prospecting for sales by identifying medium and high potential professional skin care users (dermatologists, plastics surgeons, medical spa owners, and other physician types)
  • Identifying where the difference exists based on total revenues generated by physician type
  • Understanding your brand’s perceived performance versus the competition in price, product, and service quality, and the multiple attributes that drive each

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