Nonprescription Drugs Report

Nonprescription Drugs USA

Base year: 2019
Data to be Released March 2020
Report to be Published 2nd Quarter 2020
Forecasts to 2024
Regional Coverage: United States

A comprehensive analysis of the U.S. nonprescription drugs industry, focusing on key trends, developments, challenges, business opportunities, and new product activity. Offers insights, information, and forecasts in a new streamlined format.

This Report Helps Subscribers to:

  • Understand industry trends
  • Assess market size, performance, brand and company sales and shares
  • Determine how regulatory developments impact the market
  • Forecast future switch activity and the impact it will have on the market
  • Ascertain the impact of new product activity
  • Gain insights on promotional and marketing campaigns including digital and social media
  • Identify retail distribution trends and shifts
  • Put the market in perspective with five-year historical sales
  • Forecast the market through 2024


Report Contents

Provides scope, sources and methods, definitions of each category in scope, assumptions, and remarks.

Executive Summary
An executive briefing covering developments in 2019, the impact of key trends and issues in the nonprescription drugs business, and their future implications for industry participants; includes analysis of retail distribution, private-label activity, and five-year forecasts through 2024.

Market Overview
Pertinent information plus insightful analysis of the market, including key trends and developments, manufacturers’ sales for 2018 and 2019, sales and market shares for leading brands, new product activity, sales by retail channel, private-label sales, marketing activity, and forecast through 2024. The markets covered are shown in Table 1.

This service features a fully searchable, exportable, interactive database that contains sales data, growth, market share, and forecasts for OTC brands and companies across the market segments shown in Table 1. Through its alliance with IRI, Kline now includes analysis of IRI MULO data for the year ending 2019 as part of this report.

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Scope & Benefits

Nonprescription Drugs USA is an extensive industry resource used widely by marketing executives and other industry participants for competitive analysis, market investigation for new products, acquisition screening, and business planning and forecasting. For more than 55 years, the study has proven to be the most authoritative and comprehensive source of information and insights on the nonprescription drugs industry. This report focuses solely on nonprescription drugs sold through domestic consumer outlets, including those marketed via drug stores, food stores, and mass merchandisers, in addition to other outlets such as convenience stores, dollar stores, health food stores, online, warehouse clubs, and mail order. Market data refer exclusively to sales through these outlets. Direct and mail order sales are included, but sales to institutions such as hospitals and nursing homes, along with exports, are excluded.

Subscribers to Nonprescription Drugs USA are afforded the following benefits:

  • Access to accurate sales data through all outlets based on primary research with knowledgeable industry participants
  • A tool to learn about categories or brands that could be potential new entry/acquisition opportunities
  • A source of valuable competitive information and intelligence
  • Information about future Rx-to-OTC switches and the impact they will have on the market
  • An understanding of industry trends that may impact your categories/brands
  • An objective source on OTC marketing, promotions, retail distribution shifts, and regulatory developments
  • Depth of knowledge with a solid decade of sales trend using five-year historical sales and five-year forecasts
  • Access to Kline’s searchable, exportable database with a rolling six years of sales data for hundreds of brands in the industry
  • One day of consultation time to be used within six months of report publication

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