Kline Perspectives 2018

Kline Perspectives 2018

Base Year: 2017
Published December 2017
Overview of the past 12 months in the lubricant industry

Kline Perspectives 2018 includes everything you need to know to gain a solid high-level understanding of the lubricants, baseoil, and additives industry. In less than 100 pages we give you all the information and insight you need to appreciate both the current state of the industry and where it is heading in the short and medium-term future.

In the first section, beautifully presented and packed with infographics, we provide a review of the main events that characterized the past year (from major M&A deals to prominent political events that have had implications for the industry). We also look at the future with a fresh perspective on the top 10 trends we think will change the industry in the medium term and the impact they might have. These include market niches (geographies, users, products) that we believe have a high growth potential. Finally, we give our opinion on a selection of hot topics through thought pieces co-developed with our Consulting practice.

In the second section of the report, we provide key quantitative information of the lubricants, baseoil, and other specialty products markets. These include figures and data on market size, growth rates, major industry participants, and main market segments.


At a Glance


Published: December 2017


Industry Insights

  • Review of the industry’s last 12 months
  • Top 10 trends for the medium term (next 5 to 10 years)
  • Thought pieces

Industry Overview

  • Key facts and figures of the lubricants industry
  • Key facts and figures of the baseoil industry
  • Key facts and figures of other specialty product industries (e.g. additives)


  • Understand the complexity of the lubricants, baseoil, and additives industry –
    we make it simple and connect the dots for you
  • Understand what trends will affect the industry and your business
  • Identify high-growth opportunities as well as potential market threats


  • Global
  • Lubricants, baseoil, and additives markets (and other selected markets)


  • Primary research: face-to-face interviewsand structured customer survey
  • Secondary research

We Know Lubricants


Kline Perspectives Graphic 1


Basestocks Lubricants Additives & Specialty Products
  • Global Lubricant Basestocks
  • Global Synthetic Basestocks
  • Global Naphthenic Basestocks
  • Global Used Oils and Re-refined
  • Basestocks in Africa and the
    Middle East
  • Global Brightstocks Market
  • Opportunities in Lubricants
    North America
  • Opportunities in Lubricants Africa
  • Opportunities in Lubricants China
  • Opportunities in Lubricants India
  • Opportunities in Lubricants Brazil
  • Opportunities in Lubricants Russia
    Global Lubricants
  • Lubricants in Wind Turbines
  • Biodegradable and Food
  • Global General Industrial Oils and
  • Global Synthetic Lubricants
  • Lubricants for Motorcycles and
  • LubesNet Database
  • Global Lubricant Additives
  • Global Wax Market
  • Used Oil and Re-refined Lubricants:
    U.S. Market Analysis
  • Global Grease
  • Global Process Oils
  • Global Marine Engine Oils
  • Metalworking Fluids
  • Coolants
  • White Oils
  • Price Anchor

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