Janitorial and Housekeeping Cleaning Products

Janitorial and Housekeeping Cleaning Products: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities

Base Year: 2019
To be published Q2 2020
Forecasts to: 2024
Regional Coverage: United States

A comprehensive analysis of the janitorial and housekeeping cleaning products market, focusing on key changes, challenges, and business opportunities.

This Report Will Help Address the Following:

  • Complete analysis of the market by product, end use, supplier, and distribution channels
  • The current and future outlook for key product segments, including the challenges in the floor care sector and emerging opportunities in hand care, odor control, and other segments
  • The current and future outlook for building service contactors, including penetration rates, purchases, and other key factors and trends
  • An analysis of acquisition activity, including a perspective on ways in which new ownership may change competitive rivalry and market dynamics
  • Updated structured research with end users to understand critical buying factors, usage, product form preferences and anticipated spending changes

Now featuring interactive online database with the ability to export sales data for all product classes, categories, product forms, suppliers, and end-use segments.


Report Contents


  • Scope
  • Geographic regions
  • Sources and methods
  • Assumptions and remarks


  • Industry overview
  • Market size and segmentation
  • Analysis of consumption by:
    – End-use segments (see Table 1)
    – Product classes (see Table 2)
    – Product categories (see Table 2)
    – Product form (liquid vs. solid and RTU vs. concentrates)
  • Trends and opportunities
  • Relationship to other cleaning segments
  • Competitive landscape
  • Channels of distribution
  • Private-label activity
  • Methods of cleaning
  • Role of contract cleaners
  • Critical buying factors
  • Outlook and appraisal through 2024

Pertinent information and insightful analysis for each of the 13 major end-use segments listed in Table 1. The following information is provided:

  • Introduction
  • Structure of the industry
  • Methods of cleaning
  • Overall market in 2018 and 2019 with comparison to 2017
  • Products
  • Distribution channels
  • Suppliers
  • Role of contract cleaners
  • Outlook and Assessment to 2024

Profiles of the leading 25 suppliers shown in Table 3 of janitorial and housekeeping cleaning products. Profiles include description of company, description of product line, sales in 2018 and 2019 by end-use segment and product class, and news on recent developments.

General information on major janitorial and housekeeping product categories listed in Table 2, supplements detailed information found on each category in the end-use profiles. The following information will be provided:

  • Total consumption
  • Total consumption by end use
  • Suppliers

Janitorial and Housekeeping Cleaning Products End-use Segments

Janitorial and Housekeeping Cleaning Products Product Classes and Categories

Scope & Benefits

This is Kline’s benchmark study of the U.S. away-from-home business, including floor and carpet care, hard-surface cleaning and sanitizing, hand care, and odor control products. This comprehensive report provides a complete quantitative and qualitative analysis of this $4.0 billion market. Based on over 1,000 end-user surveys, combined with in-depth interviews with suppliers and distributors and insights gleaned from nine previous editions issued during the past 25 years, this study provides a complete analysis and perspective of this important market. The scope of the study is the United States only, based on a statistically-significant platform of structured interviews with commercial, industrial, and institutional end users. The base year for the data in this study is 2018 and 2019, and the study also presents forecasts from 2019 to 2024.

The report will provide comprehensive data and analysis to help subscribers to understand market dynamics, identify opportunities and threats and ultimately improve long-term competitive position. Written for a diverse audience, the report is utilized extensively by product managers, strategists, and executives in a range of companies at each level of the value chain. The supplier section will profile approximately 100 competitors in this diverse and variegated business. Profiles for larger suppliers also provide estimates of sales by product and end use. These profiles also help the reader to conduct segmentation analysis and are useful for strategic planning and acquisition analysis. Specifically, the report will also address the following:

  • An examination of dilution and dispensing systems, including penetration rates, supplier shares, and key factors and trends
  • Analysis of floor and carpet care equipment and dispensing systems for hand care and odor control products
  • An examination of critical success factors and key buying dimensions in the market channel for janitorial and housekeeping cleaning products
  • A detailed analysis and market segmentation of key supplier types, including full-line branded suppliers, professional businesses of household suppliers, private labelers, and local and regional competitors
  • A detailed analysis of marketing channels, including a detailed quantitative analysis and a qualitative appraisal of growing trends for online purchasing and emerging intermediaries and the role of private labels


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