Global Synthetic Lubricants: Market Analysis and Opportunities

Global Synthetic Lubricants: Market Analysis and Opportunities

Base Year: 2018/2019
Published October 2019
Forecasts to 2023
Regional Coverage: Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, South America, Africa and the Middle East

Increasingly stringent fuel economy and emission regulations around the world and improving automotive OEM specifications make the synthetic lubricant market the fastest-growing segment of the lubricants industry. The increasing supply and variety of synthetic basestocks enables lubricant marketers to develop products addressing different market needs both mainstream and niche. This study will provide a comprehensive global analysis of the synthetic lubricants business, focusing on key changes, challenges, and business opportunities.

This Report Helps Subscribers to:

  • Analyze the current and projected demand for synthetic lubricants
  • Evaluate demand drivers and restraints for synthetic lubricants
  • Understand the impact of regulations, OEM specifications, and advances in new technologies and impact of private-label synthetic products
  • Identify leading regional markets
  • Evaluate the impact of increasing availability of API Group III, Group IV and other basestocks
  • Identify key competitors and evaluate their market position

Report Contents


Executive Summary
An overview of key findings

Global Automotive and Industrial Lubricant Demand Analysis and Forecast
For each lubricant product listed in Table 1, the following information are provided:

  • Global and regional lubricant demand estimate and outlook
  • Current and projected synthetic and semisynthetic lubricant penetration and demand
  • Global and regional supplier market share for full synthetic products
  • Growth drivers and five-year outlook by region and product type
  • Market developments impacting the penetration of synthetics
  • Market opportunities for lubricant suppliers



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Synthetic Lubricants Market in Select Countries
For each of the 15 country markets listed in Table 2, the following information are provided:

  • Overview of automotive and industrial lubricant demand and outlook
  • Estimated supplier market share and product positioning
  • Retail pricing and product performance claims
  • Overview of leading package types
  • Synthetic demand by leading end-use industry, trade class, and fleet type
  • Drivers and obstacles for synthetics usage and penetration
  • Synthetic and semi-synthetic product growth rates and outlook

Synthetic Demand Drivers


  • Estimated supplier market share for synthetic automotive and industrial oils and fluids for each of the 15 select country markets

Business Opportunities

Table 1: List of Lubricant Products Covered in Each Market Segment
Market segment Products covered
Consumer automotive Passenger car motor oils, motorcycle oils,
gear oils, ATF, and grease
Commercial automotive Heavy-duty engine oils, hydraulic and transmission fluids,
gear oils, and grease
Industrial oils and fluids Hydraulic fluids, gear oils, turbine and circulating oils,
compressor and refrigeration oils, metalworking fluids,
industrial engine oils, grease, and other fluids
Table 2: List of Countries Covered
Region Countries covered
Africa and the Middle East South Africa, Egypt, and Turkey
Americas United States, Brazil, Canada, and Mexico
Asia China, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Philippines,
Vietnam, and Australia 
Europe Germany, France, and Russia

Scope & Benefits

Global Synthetic Lubricants: Market Analysis and Opportunities provides a detailed independent appraisal of this fast-moving market and explores market opportunities and challenges for blenders and marketers of synthetic lubricants. Specifically, the study covers the following:

  • Global synthetic and semi-synthetic lubricant demand in base year and five-year outlook
  • Synthetic and semi-synthetic lubricant penetration and demand by region and key countries
  • Synthetic lubricant market profiles for key country markets
  • Demand drivers and outlook for synthetic and semi-synthetic lubricants by product, country, and region
  • Competitive landscape, key suppliers by major markets, and market shares
  • Analysis of market opportunities and challenges


This report provides subscribers with an accurate and independent appraisal of market size and segmentation, key end-use segments and trends, business opportunities, and competitive forces in the global synthetic lubricant business. Specifically, the report assists subscribers by providing:

  • An examination of business opportunities globally, in existing markets for synthetic lubricants, in emerging markets, new product developments and channels to market
  • Customer feedback regarding the usage of synthetics and key benefits perception
  • A resource for screening potential merger and acquisition candidates
  • An unbiased appraisal of market trends and emerging applications
  • Competitive intelligence for use in benchmarking
  • A highly reliable and independent assessment of global synthetic lubricant consumption and market shares

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