Effectiveness of U.S. Crop Protection Company Channel Incentives

Effectiveness of U.S. Crop Protection Company Channel Incentives: An Overview and Analysis

Base Year: 2018 Year Programs
Published January 2019
Regional Coverage: North America

In a recent Kline survey, crop protection dealers expressed concern over the changing competitive landscape, namely fewer and larger retail firms, inexpensive imports, suppliers selling direct, and increased price competition. The same could be said for the manufacturer outlook as consolidation continues to shift the competitive balance in favor of a few large suppliers. In this environment, clients have expressed interest in a report that studies the channel incentives provided by basic crop protection manufacturers. The study will investigate and evaluate the various types of programs offered by the leading basic producers.

This Report Helps Subscribers to:

  • Understand current manufacturer channel incentives being offered
  • Review the types of programs offered and the target audiences for each
  • Evaluate the value of various types of programs measured from the manufacturer’s and target audience’s perspective
  • Learn how the channel partner manages these programs
  • Understand the effect industry changes will have on these programs
  • See how integrated retailers communicate to the local level and vice versa
  • Understand the cost of these programs for the leading manufacturers


Report Contents

Descriptions and Examples of the Various Types of Programs

  • Inventory protection
  • Rebates on purchases
  • Loyalty rebates
  • Sales timing incentives
  • Product tie-in incentives
  • Travel or merchandise incentives

Target Audience for Each Type of Program

  • Distributor
    -What do they look like at the various levels?
    -How does the distributor’s headquarters interact with the field?
  • Dealer
  • Reseller (single step segments)
  • Grower

Value of Programs

  • Cash cost, percentage of sales represented by various programs shown by the manufacturer
  • Apparent effectiveness of existing programs
  • Attitudes toward programs by the target audience (likes, dislikes, suggestions)

Management of Programs by Channel Members

  • Tracking systems employed
  • Personnel employed for managing programs
  • Communication

Trends in Types of Programs

Effects of Industry Consolidations on Programs

How the Current Ag Economy Impacts Programs

Unpublished Programs

Scope & Benefits

This report provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of the U.S. manufacturers channel incentives currently being offered. The report provides the following:

  • A detailed, independent overview and appraisal of the current range of channel incentives being offered by basic producers
  • Current plan to include top 10 Ag Chem suppliers, based on client input
  • Target programs that account for approximately 80% of sales volume
  • Suggested changes that have or could occur to these programs considering the current ag economy
  • An analysis on how the current industry consolidation will affect manufacturer channel programs

This report provides managers with a reliable assessment of the current crop protection company channel incentives being offered by:

  • Helping manufacturers to understand current programs being offered and their effectiveness
  • Providing a reference concerning the types of programs available
  • Aiding in the understanding of existing programs by other channel members
  • Assisting manufacturers in planning future incentive programs in the highly competitive marketplace

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