Proposed regulations on Acetaminophen intended to keep consumers safe will result in substantial burden for manufacturers and could actually restrict consumer access to commonly used OTCs

An FDA advisory committee is weighing in on the safety of OTC acetaminophen, the key active ingredient found in many OTC pain relievers, sleeping aids, and cough and cold medications. The proposed regulations suggest either cutting down dosages of acetaminophen or completely pulling combination drugs that contain acetaminophen off the shelves.Continue reading

Overall Personal Care Market

Despite the proliferation of natural claims, truly natural products account for just over 40% of the market. – Natural Personal Care 2009: Global Market Analysis and Competitive Brand Assessment

The natural personal care market in the U.S. jumped 19% to $2 billion in sales for 2008, Kline’s Natural Personal Care 2008 study revealed earlier this year. Major marketers are in an excellent position to leverage the naturals proposition that began with the smaller niche players. Manufacturing economies of scale, a stronger position for negotiating supplier agreements, and well-developed distribution channels will allow brands like Unilever’s Dove and Colgate-Palmolive’s Softsoap to ride the naturals wave even during lean times.Continue reading

Rx-to-OTC Switches

OTC Innovations Key to Ascending Above Price Comparisons and Private-Label Competition

Sales for the Mucinex line of OTC cold medications were $137 mn in 2007 and grew 35.0% to reach $185 mn in 2008.  Miralax is a novel Rx-to-OTC switch brand in the laxatives category and it grew from $40 mn in 2007, up 187.5% to $115 mn in 2008.  Both brands are supported with strong advertising budgets and offer truly unique treatment of colds and constipation than private-label products in their respective categories. Continue reading

Nonprescription Drugs USA 2009 Key Highlights

Private-label OTC Drugs Post Solid Gains in 2008, According to Kline

Private-label OTC medicines were up 8.2% over the same time period, within which antacids and allergy medicines posted the highest growth last year, driven primarily by increases in sales of private-label omeprazole (Procter & Gambles Prilosec OTC) and cetirizine (Johnson & Johnsons Zyrtec).

The following two areas distinctively posted very high growth mainly as a result of Rx-to-OTC switches: allergy, asthma, and sinus medications were up 17.3% as a result of strong sales from Johnson & Johnson’s Zyrtec brand, as well as its equivalent private-label cetirizine; feminine products was the other area that grew 7.3% in 2008 as a result of strong sales growth of personal lubricants, as well as the Rx-to-OTC switch brand Plan B by Barr Laboratories.