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At-home Skin Care Devices: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities
Published July 2011
Base Year: 2011

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  • Regional Coverage: United States
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    Kline & Company, the authoritative source for coverage of the U.S. personal care market, offers a new report on the dynamic market for at-home skin care devices.

    The report examines the non-invasive forms of at-home skin care that mimic results that were once only achieved in doctor's offices and spas. The report focuses on key trends in the use of plug-in and battery-operated hand-held devices such as lasers to treat fine lines and wrinkles, products that tone, and products that cleanse skin to perfection.

    The report answers such questions as:

    • Who is the market leader and why?
    • Which types of devices achieve the highest sales growth?
    • Is there an opportunity for topical facial treatments to be marketed in conjunction with these devices?
    • Where do future opportunities lie?
  • Contents

    Executive Summary
    This presentation-style chapter provides an overview of key market statistics and trends, including:
      Total industry size and growth

      Market drivers

      Retail pricing

      Competitive focus and strengths of brands

      Merchandising trends and leading retailers

      Sales breakdown by skin care concern addressed

      Sales by trade class

      Lessons learned for the future

    Brand Profiles
    Detailed profiles are provided for approximately 15 of the leading at-home device brands, as listed in Table 1 below. The following information is provided:
      Parent company overview

      Brand/product description

      Sales for 2010 and 2011

      Key skin care concern that product addresses

      Product claims

      Marketing and merchandising activities


      Outlook to 2016

  • Scope
  • Kline is uniquely qualified in our ability to leverage the skills and synergies of our Professional Skin Care and Cosmetics & Toiletries reports into this new related market. We provide information on this hard-to-track consumer market. The following at-home skin care devices are covered:

    • Acne elimination
    • Cleansing
    • Fine lines/wrinkle treatment
    • Firming/toning
    • Laser hair removal
    • Microdermabrasion

    This analysis covers consumer purchases through three basic trade classes:

    • Direct (home shopping, infomercials, and the Internet)
    • Luxury (department stores, specialty stores, spas, and salons)
    • Mass (mass merchandisers, drug stores, and warehouse clubs)

    The geographic coverage of this report is the United States. This report does not include implements, hair appliances, or waxing equipment. Devices and appliances used by physicians and aestheticians in professional outlets are also excluded. All devices analyzed in the report are power-operated.

  • Key Benefits
  • This comprehensive report enables subscribers to identify business opportunities by analyzing the dynamics in one of the most important emerging markets of the personal care industry.

    Specifically, this report assists subscribers by:

    • Identifying and explaining key skin care concerns that devices address in a clear and consistent fashion
    • Quantifying the key areas that devices treat, such as cleansing, acne, and wrinkles
    • Focusing on merchandising activities for these products through non-traditional channels
    • Providing perspective on the leading players, as well as the smaller, upcoming ones
    • Stimulating ideas for future partnerships/alliances
  • Methodology
  • Kline is unmatched in our ability to gather hard-to-get market and competitive intelligence with a high degree of confidence. Kline's approach places the principal emphasis on primary research techniques to ensure that the foundation of business intelligence and insight is accurate, current, and reliable.

    During the course of field research, Kline's professional staff of industry experts conducted in-depth discussions and personal interviews with a wide range of knowledgeable industry participants and opinion leaders, including retail executives, category managers, buyers, store/counter managers, distributors, sales representatives, manufacturers, and marketers in the beauty industry.

    This approach has proven to be the most effective and reliable approach to obtaining accurate market data, capturing expert insights, and identifying business opportunities.

    Primary research represents the bulk of our research efforts. In addition, this analysis is supplemented by secondary research drawn from the review of annual reports, 10Ks, company literature and other reports, trade publications, and non-confidential information from Kline's extensive database. Extensive store and website checks will also be conducted to obtain information on product selection and availability, display and sales techniques, and other merchandising trends. Kline's Professional Skin Care and Cosmetics & Toiletries USA reports are used as supplemental information.

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