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Natural OTCs: Impact of Non-drug Products on the OTC Market
Published: July 2011
Base Years: 2009, 2010, and 2011

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  • Regional Coverage: United States
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    A comprehensive market assessment of non-drug products that compete with traditional OTCs including analysis of market size, consumer perceptions, and company profiles. This new report focuses on major products, companies, and consumer attitudes towards such products designed to help subscribers:

    • Understand the relative size of such products compared to traditional OTCs
    • Learn about the companies that market these products and what new products or claims they are developing
    • Gain insights on which consumers purchase natural OTCs, why, where, and how much they spend on them, and how these purchases affect their usage of traditional OTCs, if at all
    • Recognize key trends driving the non-drug market segments
    • Be aware of retail pricing, placement, and claims for natural OTCs
    • Obtain forecast sales and market share expectations for these products in the future
  • Contents

    Executive Summary

    Market Analysis
    For each of the categories shown in Table 1, the following information is provided:
      Brand sales, market share, and growth for 2009 and 2010

      Sales estimates for 2011

      Ingredients and claims

      Retail pricing and placement

      Retail outlet penetration

      Advertising and marketing strategies

      Forecasts of future sales and growth

    Consumer Insights and Perceptions
    A thorough understanding of the following is developed through our comprehensive consumer research:
      Demographics of natural OTC purchasers/users

      Retail locations, frequency of purchase/use

      Purchase/use of natural OTCs effects on purchase/use of traditional OTCs

      Chronic vs. acute usage of natural OTCs

      Adult vs. children's usage of natural OTCs

      Views on safety of natural OTCs vs. traditional OTCs

      Views on efficacy of natural OTCs vs. traditional OTCs

    Company Profiles
    For each company listed in Table 2, the following information is provided:
      Sales and key products in 2009 and 2010

      Sales estimates for 2011

      Products in development

      Retail strategies

      Marketing strategies

      Forecasts of future sales and growth


  • Scope
  • The term "natural OTCs" is used to refer to products that consumers use either to prevent or treat minor ailments that are frequently treated with traditional nonprescription (OTC) drugs. Natural OTCs generally are drug-free, may contain natural, plant, or herb-based ingredients or vitamins and minerals, and often make claims of prevention and/or treatment of minor ailments such as nasal congestion, the common cold, coughs, sore throat, digestive problems, headaches, sinus pain/pressure, insomnia, oral care, or eye care problems.

    Natural OTCs: Impact of Non-drug Products on the U.S. OTC Market represents the first edition of this report for Kline & Company. With this study, we aim to understand the impact of natural OTCs on traditional OTC brands and markets, the companies that manufacture and market these natural OTCs, and how consumers use these products.

    This report covers the U.S. market for natural OTCs and provides sales data for brands, markets, and companies for 2009, 2010, and estimates of full year 2011 sales.

  • Key Benefits
  • This study provides subscribers with accurate and current information and insights on seven categories of natural OTCs, 15 profiles of companies involved in the manufacture and/or marketing of these products, and extensive consumer research to understand who, where, why, and how often consumers use these products versus traditional OTCs. Specifically, this report assists subscribers by providing answers to the following questions:

    • How large are natural OTCs, and what is their respective market share versus traditional OTCs?
    • What demographic groups are heavier users of natural OTCs?
    • What are consumers' perceptions of the efficacy, safety, and value of natural OTCs?
    • What is the prevalence of use among adults vs. children for natural OTCs?
    • Which companies are established in this segment, and what companies are entering this segment?
    • What claims are made by natural OTCs, and what regulations are these products subject to?
  • Methodology
  • Kline is unmatched in our ability to gather hard-to-get market and competitive intelligence with a high degree of confidence. Kline's approach relies heavily on primary research, employing the use of field and telephone interviews to capture insights and information from a wide range of industry experts and opinion leaders. To compile Chapters 3 and 5 of this report, Kline conducted in-depth interviews with individuals from the following groups including:

    • Executives from the firms listed on Table 2 in functional areas such as upper management, finance, sales, marketing, brand management, research and development
    • Executives at other OTC firms in functional areas such as finance, sales, marketing, brand management, trade relations, research and development
    • Retail executives
    • Regulatory contacts
    • Trade associations

    For Chapter 4 of the report, Kline conducted online research with consumers through an external vendor panel company in order to survey relevant consumers and gather necessary data on consumer insights and perceptions of natural OTCs.

    This report also draws upon nonconfidential data from Kline & Company's internal databases, which contains over 40 years of syndicated research on the nonprescription drugs industry. The analysis was supplemented by secondary research, including a review of company annual reports, and other financial files and analyses. This approach has proven to be the most effective and reliable approach to obtaining accurate data and expert insights.

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