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Beauty Retailing USA: Channel Analysis and Opportunities
Published June 2013
Base Year: 2012
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  • Description
  • Regional Coverage: United States
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    A comprehensive analysis of the complex environment for retailing cosmetics and toiletries in the United States. This study answers such questions as:

    • What are the leading sales channels for beauty products?
    • How are retailers engaging consumers with promotions and social media?
    • What are the newest store formats offering to attract consumers?
    • What effect do sample subscription services such as Birchbox and New Beauty magazine’s Test Tube have on retail sales?
    • Do Internet and TV shopping channels continue to skyrocket?

  • Contents
  • Introduction

    Executive Summary
    This chapter will provide a roll-up of total industry statistics, as well as key findings by purchase channel and insights into current trends affecting the market. Additional information to be included follows:
      Market developments

      Sales and growth by purchase channel for 2007 and 2012

      Retail margins

      Channel snapshots

      Outlook and assessment
    Purchase Channel Profiles
    A review of key purchase channels including sales tables showing the performance for each of the 26 cosmetics and toiletries categories listed in Table 1 below. Each purchase channel profile listed in Table 2 below will include the following information:
      Channel developments

      Analysis by store type/subclass

      Number of doors/stores

      Leading retailers

      Role of cosmetics and toiletries in the channel

      Manufacturers’ and retail sales by beauty product category for 2007 and 2012

      Manufacturers’ and retail sales by product class for 2007 and 2012

      Promotional and advertising activity

      Private-label activity

      Outlook to 2017 including retail and manufacturers’ sales
    Retailer Profiles
    Profiles of eight retailers as listed in Table 3 are provided with specific discussion pertaining to the cosmetics and toiletries business of these companies. Each profile includes the following:

      Corporate sales

      Recent developments

      Number of doors/stores

      Competitive focus and strengths

      Cosmetics and toiletry sales for 2012

      Cosmetics assortments and key brands

      Role of private-label products

      Marketing activities

      Outlook to 2017

    Table 1: Product Categories Covered in the Study

    • Fragrances for men
    • Fragrances for women
    Skin Care Products
    • Baby care products
    • Facial treatments
    • Hand and body lotions
    • Skin care products for men
    • Sun care products
    Hair Care Products
    • Conditioners
    • Ethnic hair care products
    • Hair coloring products
    • Hair styling products and sprays
    • Shampoos
    Other Toiletries
    • Deodorants and antiperspirants
    • Depilatories, waxes, and bleaches
    • Personal cleansing products
    • Shaving products
    Makeup Products
    • Eye makeup
    • Face makeup
    • Lipsticks and lip glosses
    • Nail polishes
    Oral Care Products
    • Denture products
    • Lip balms
    • Mouthwashes
    • Toothbrushes
    • Toothpastes
    • Tooth whitening products

    Table 2: Purchase Channels

    Department stores
    • Lower-end
    • Specialty
    • Traditional
    Food outlets
    • Convenience stores
    • Supercenters
    • Supermarkets
    Direct sales
    • Person-to-person
    • Home shopping networks
    • Infomercials
    • Internet/e-commerce
    • Catalogs and other direct response
    Mass merchandisers
    • Big box retailers
    • Dollar stores
    • Warehouse clubs
    Specialty stores
    • Apparel (Gap, Banana Republic, H&M)
    • Beauty supply (Sally Beauty)
    • Cosmetic specialty (Sephora, Ulta)
    • Vertically-integrated (Bath & Body Works, Origins)
    Drug outlets
    • Chain drug stores
    • Independent drug stores

    Table 3: Retailer Profiles

    • Bed Bath & Beyond (includes Harmons)
    • Nordstrom
    • QVC
    • Ricky's
    • Sephora (includes
    • Target
    • Ulta
    • Walgreens (includes Duane Reade and
  • Database
  • Subscribers have unlimited access to the report data and written contents through our new sophisticated, but easy-to-use online database, with the following capabilities:

    • Search capabilities by channel, channel subclass, and product category
    • Flexible search options
    • Subtotaling abilities
    • Easy access and downloading of sales, market shares, growth rates, and forecasts
  • Scope
  • Beauty Retailing USA: Channel Analysis and Opportunities provides subscribers with insights into retailing challenges and opportunities.

    The report focuses on the personal care market and sales shifts that have occurred from 2007 to 2012. The category scope closely mirrors Kline’s Cosmetics & Toiletries program, encompassing 26 product categories across the following product classes: fragrances, hair care, makeup, oral care, skin care, and other toiletries.

    This report analyzes both major and alternative purchase channels, providing an accurate, detailed examination of the competitive landscape at the retail level.

    Profiles are also provided for 10 retailers representing a diverse cross section of venues where beauty products are sold.

  • Key Benefits
  • This comprehensive report enables subscribers to exploit business opportunities by illustrating the retailing dynamics in one of the most important markets of the personal care industry—the United States. Specifically, this report assists subscribers by:

    • Identifying and explaining key purchase channels for cosmetics and toiletries in a clear and consistent fashion
    • Quantifying industry sales by purchase channel, focusing on hard-to-track non-traditional channels
    • Explaining the business practices and strategies of specific types of retailers, supported by profiles of key cosmetics and toiletries retailers, as well as non-traditional yet opportunistic ones
    • Delivering the information and insights required to capitalize on changes at retail

    Subscribers receive one day of consultation time with members of the research team. This time can be used for assistance with plans or to explore related industry information. This report is available through a Web-based format for easy access plus an easy-to-use interactive database.

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