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Shopper Insights Tracking Service for the U.S. Home Fragrances Market
Published: October 2014
Base Years: 2012-2014

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  • Regional Coverage: United States
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    Augmenting our 15+ years of offering Home Fragrances: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities, Kline & Company is pleased to announce a new independent shopper research which will help marketers pinpoint what consumers value and prefer in their purchase of scented home fragrance/air care products. Our analysis will focus primarily on the buying habits and mindsets of women who shop in mass market outlets, such as Target, Walgreens, and Walmart, for scented merchandise compared to those who frequent specialty stores operated by Bath & Body Works, Pier 1 Imports, and the Yankee Candle Company. These shoppers will be compared and contrasted to one another and in some cases shown where overlaps exist.

    This tracking service will answer questions such as:

    • What percent of the population crosses over and shops for home fragrance products at mass outlets and specialty stores in the same time period, and from what demographic groups are they?
    • What do women say are the main reasons for purchasing home fragrance products in a specialty store versus a drug store or big box retailers?
    • Does the average amount spent per shopper change during different periods of the year?
    • In what situations are consumers willing to pay extra for some categories or features?
  • Contents
  • Introduction
    This section will describe the format, scope, approach, and methodology of the report.

    Executive Summary
    This section will describe the format, scope, approach, and methodology of the report.

    Research Findings
    This section will describe the decision-making attributes that have emerged from the research and what the key factors are behind respondents’ purchase decision, as well as their choice of shopping destination.
      Examples of attributes include:
      – Average basket size
      – Brand loyalty
      – Fragrance
      – Packaging
      – Pricing
      – Promotion (customer loyalty program, coupons)

    The research results will be clustered and compared across product categories, as listed in Table 1 as well by purchase channel and by store as shown in Table 2. Some questions will be geared towards what consumers think about these product categories in general.

    Table 1: Product Categories
    • Candles
    • Room sprays
    • Diffusers (adjustable solids,
      electric wall diffusers, reed diffusers)
    • Wax melts and home fragrance oils
    Table 2: Companies Profiled
    Outlet type Example
    Mass outlets
    Costco, Target, Walgreens, Walmart
    Specialty stores Bath & Body Works, Bed, Bath &
    Beyond, Pier 1 Imports, Yankee
    Candle Company

    Deliverable Dates

    This program covers 2012 through 2014, or four semi-annual reports, as follows:

    Time period reflected Report deliverable date
    Fall 2012/Winter 2013 2Q 2013
    Spring/Summer 2013 4Q 2013
    Fall 2013/Winter 2014 2Q 2014
    Spring/Summer 2014 4Q 2014
  • Scope
  • Home fragrance and air care marketers in the United States face the ongoing challenge of trying to grow a mature market in the face of an uncertain economy compounded by low product innovation levels. It is important to understand what is going through the consumer’s mind when she purchases these impulse-driven products or opts not to make a purchase. What attributes does she consider before putting the item in her shopping basket? We will look at indicators that may influence purchases including scent, the decorative container, the price point or that the holiday season inspired the purchase.

    Our research will probe to understand not only what the shopper thinks about when buying a home fragrance product but we will compare and contrast the specialty store shopper with the mass merchandiser shopper. We will take a look at women who shop in venues like Yankee Candle stores and Bath & Body Works versus those who buy scented merchandise in Target or Walgreens. We will discover that there are consumers who shop in both retail outlets.

  • Key Benefits
  • Kline will be able to offer our clients a unique service, filling a void in the market place. Kline’s extensive industry expertise in the home fragrance and air care market will provide subscribers to this service with a new level of understanding of shopping patterns. The service will help marketers and retailers:

    • Obtain actionable information over a short period of time.
    • Help to shape marketing strategies and sales programs by purchase destination.
    • Provide an understanding of the traits and key difference of women shopping in specialty stores versus mass outlets.
    • Depict how purchase decisions differ between seasons from year to year.
  • Methodology
  • Kline & Company is unmatched in our ability to gather hard-to-get market and competitive intelligence with a high degree of confidence. Kline’s market analysis approach places the principal emphasis on primary research techniques to ensure that the foundation of business intelligence and insight is accurate, current, and reliable.

    This study pertains to the United States and will be a nationwide, Internet-based structured survey. The estimated number of responses for this service is approximately 800, based on a statistically valid sample of the population.

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