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Breaking the Mold: Five Ways to Amplify B2B Innovation

Mastering the M& Dance Innovation has been called the “lifeblood of the organization,” fueling the development of new and improved products and services, identifying ways to satisfy unmet customer needs, and creating growth and value for the
business. While innovation is most often discussed in a B2C context, many B2B companies have also earned recognition for tremendous strides in implementing a culture of innovation.

Despite the success of companies such as BASF and Dow, there are still many other B2B executives who are concerned about the ROI of innovation within their own companies and are worried that “they do not do innovation well.”

Mastering the M&A Dance
Business Growth
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Several common factors drive these insecurities. First, there is often a disconnect from the customer and a lack of understanding of big picture future needs in the B2B space. Where B2C companies interact with their customers, design products and services based directly on customer feedback and have control over the product that is...

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