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Custom Research: Materials Project Examples

Client Base

Client Type: Supplier of products and services to the Steel, Mining, Utility, Terminal, Quarry, and Cement industries


Our client was planning an acquisition in order to expand in the dust control (DCA) and freeze conditioning agents (FCA). In order to better understand the position of the acquisition target our client needed an in-depth supply demand analysis to be completed within a relatively short time span.

Kline Solution:

Kline interviewed industry experts of competitive firms supplying DCA and FCA to understand the competitive landscape of products, services, industries served, pricing, programs, distribution, and emerging trends. In addition, we contacted leading end-use customers of DCA and FCA in such segments as coal, construction, mining, and transportation, among others. Finally, shippers such as railroads and freight trucking businesses were also queried about their respective use of the products and input to the overall market assessment.

Based on our research, our client was in a position to make an informed decision regarding its acquisition target.

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Project Examples


Client Type: A producer of mineral raw materials in Europe


Our client, an important player in the minerals industry in Europe, wanted to have a better understanding of the supply and demand situation of calcined kaolin in Europe to the paper and non-paper market.

Kline Solution:

In order to assess the situation, Kline carried out an extensive primary research with customers of calcined kaolin to evaluate the demand situation and understand future growth prospects for the industry. This was followed by discussions with existing major European suppliers of calcined kaolin to evaluate the supply situation and other conditions currently affecting the market in Europe.

As a result of the generated insights and options, we were able to highlight the short-term and long-term initiatives the client could adopt/implement to best position itself in this quite mature marketplace. Our recommendations were well received by the client.