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Client Base

Client Type: Leading global supplier of finished lubricants


Our client was concerned about the impact that counterfeiting of finished lubricants across 20 key country markets was having on its multiple brands and overall margins.

Kline Solution:

Kline met with industry experts in 20 key country markets to understand the level of counterfeiting activity that exists in each of the three market segments across the leading product types. We then arrived at a quantitative risk assessment which was used to calculate the overall estimated volume of finished lubricants at risk to counterfeiting in each country. Next we applied the same risk assessment to estimate the lubricant volume of our client at risk to counterfeiting based on it’s respective market share in each country and segment.

As a result of the insights developed by Kline, the client was able to validate its assumptions about counterfeiting and the inherent risk to its brands and margins. The client was able to incorporate Kline’s independent assessment into its recommendations to senior management to develop a strategy to address the problem.

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Project Examples


Client Type: Leading Russian Lubricants Producer


Our client, a leading lubricant producer, was interested in reviewing and updating its strategy and required in-depth analysis and forecasts of the commercial, consumer, and industrial lubricants in seven countries and regions. Of interest were countries within CIS such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Ukraine, as well as regions such as Northern Europe, Mediterranean, and the Balkans.

Kline Solution:

Kline carried out an extensive study based on conducting in-depth interviews with end-customers (producers and distributors of lubricants in the specific country/region), government agencies and organizations. Kline provided the client with a comprehensive view of the present state of the industry in these economies and its likely evolution in the short-medium term. Apart from the key market parameters (size, growth, raw materials) Kline also evaluated competitive dynamics in present and outlook.


Client Type: Major Additives Company


A major additives company was looking for opportunities to further participate in the refinery fuel additives business.

Kline Solution:

Kline developed a market size and segmentation model using research performed throughout the supply chain, including an analysis on the effect of future trends shaping the refinery fuel additives market as well as offering insights as to the barriers-to-entry which would inhibit our clients success.

As a result, the client was able to understand the direction, size, and segmentation of the current market and was prepared with insights which would allow fact-based decisions regarding strategic actions in the refinery fuel additive business.