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Custom Research: Chemicals Project Examples

Client Base

Client Type: Leading manufacturer of Chemicals and Materials


Our client, a leading chemicals manufacturer, was interested in the market research and analysis of treatment chemicals for potable, waste and industrial water.

Kline Solution:

Kline conducted a thorough secondary research and confirmed the findings by conducting interviews with suppliers and customers of water treatment. The suppliers included the clients’ competitors and the customers included were the main municipalities. The final report covered areas such as current and historical market size for each treatment chemical, forecasted growth for the next three to five years, and analyzed the various factors driving the growth.

Client Type: Multi-national specialty chemicals company


Our client was concerned about the global repositioning of a mid-sized industry player with a very strong position in construction chemicals, and how this might impact our client’s growth strategy.

Kline Solution:

Kline carried out an extensive global analysis of the competitive playing field in all construction sectors. The strategic position and perceived strategies of the competitor in each of the key regions in each of the major construction markets was assessed in detail. We then worked with the client to understand the implications and our client’s room for maneuver.

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