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Custom Research: Agrochemicals Project Examples

Client Base

Client Type: Global chemicals company


The client recently acquired a major biological and plant health products manufacturer and was looking to maximize this investment and the product portfolio by identifying key global opportunities for these non-chemical products in the agricultural space. Key products of interest were seed treatment, water management, and overall plant health-related products for crops.

Kline Solution:

Kline conducted an in-depth global interview program with agricultural product manufacturers, seed companies, distributors, key growers, agronomists/advisors/extensions, and relevant regulatory bodies. Kline measured the 2012 grower level market value for each key product. Kline then measured various factors (product effectiveness, grower attitudes, market dynamics, regulations, crop production forecasts, etc) to determine region by region and product by product outlook to 2022.

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Project Examples


Client Type: Producer of specialty chemicals


Our client was considering in-licensing a new technology for applying a non- pesticidal protectant to fruit and vegetable crops and needed to obtain a better understanding of the market, its users and their motivations when choosing a post harvest treatment.

Kline Solution:

Kline used a combination of primary and secondary research. Interviews were held with the decision-makers in the pommes packer organizations within the United States to determine among other factors, the level of adoption of the technology, the price/value thought process for the new technology, the unique selling propositions of the alternative technology, and suggestive pricing to overcome resistance to change to the new technology.

As a result of the insights developed by Kline, the client was able to better understand the post harvest process and the way in which the new technology would be viewed. A presentation of findings along with a set of recommendations and opportunities was presented to the client.