Free Webinar: Behind the Remarkable Success of Freestanding Beauty Stores

Free Webinar: Behind the Remarkable Success of Freestanding Beauty Stores
Free Webinar: Behind the Remarkable Success of Freestanding Beauty Stores

Decoding the channel in France, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The boutique retailer channel is one of the fastest growing channels in the beauty industry, being a hotbed for various brands that are looking to create a more personalized and unique shopping experience. Many of the players here, such as Lush, Kiko, and Rituals, are seeing double-digit increases each year, which is far ahead of the beauty industry’s average. (more…)

Cult-like Followings and Exclusivity of Boutique Beauty Retailers Drive the Channel’s Expansion in 2016

Boutique Beauty Retailers in France, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States
Boutique Beauty Retailers in France, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States

With hundreds of new door openings during 2015-2016, boutique beauty stores remain on a high growth trajectory. These vertically-integrated specialty stores offering an immersive, single brand experience and supported by younger generations, including millennials, are seeing expansion across all the countries analyzed in Kline’s upcoming Boutique Beauty Retailers: Channel Analysis and Opportunities report series.

These freestanding stores offer unique concepts, a fun environment, and highly knowledgeable staff. Unlike e-commerce, which is another strong channel, customers have the advantage of trying products and having in-store guidance. There is also no other direct brand competition like in department stores. “Boutique retailers offer a fun and interactive environment that isn’t found in other channels, which is appealing to younger, digital consumers,” notes Ewa Grigar, the study’s manager. (more…)

Synthetic Biology: Changing the Face of Personal Care

Synthetic Biology in Personal Care
Capabilities of Synthetic Biology

In the last 20 years, billions of dollars have been spent on the development of more sustainable fuels and chemicals. Yet this revolutionary threat has not lived up to the hype. Chemical companies dealing with low oil prices and margins have every right to be skeptical of the bio-based solutions that have pretty much failed to reach economic viability.

At the same time, consumer markets have changed dramatically. Both millennials and their parents have embraced the shared economy, social networking, continuous communication, asynchronous media, gaming, GPS, and soon artificial intelligence—essentially valuing “information” far greater than the built environment—cars and homes and the chemicals they are made from. Indeed, consumer markets have changed dramatically with two big exceptions: continued concerns over individual health and the impact of global warming. (more…)

Free Webinar – Passport to Natural Beauty

Free Webinar - Passport to Natural Beauty
Free Webinar – Passport to Natural Beauty

The United Kingdom
The United States

Experiencing more than five consecutive years of double-digit growth, the natural beauty and personal care market is more vibrant than ever, outpacing the growth of the U.S. cosmetics and toiletries market by more than double. The market is propelled by several factors, including greater consumer awareness, more efficacious products, and expanding shelf-space across various retailers.

To learn more about this ever-evolving market, join this live webinar drawing on key findings from our soon-to-be-published Natural Personal Care Global Series report. The session will take place on Thursday, December 1, 2016, at 11:00 AM EST | 4:00 PM GMT. (more…)

Kline PRO Delivers Breakthrough Data for the Salon Hair Care Industry

Salon Hair Care
Salon Hair Care

The salon hair care market is notoriously difficult to measure because it is more fragmented than nearly all other industries. With over 170,000 locations, mostly controlled by sole proprietors, and growth of booth rentals adding to the fragmentation, quantitative gathering of credible data has been practically impossible…until now. Through the revolutionary Kline PRO, we have done what nobody else has been able to do—a tool that measures sales of products both into salons, as well as into the hands of consumers, and now also services.

From the beginning of 2016, service dollars and number of transactions are being tracked and reported for seven different categories that include typical services, such as haircutting and coloring to “other,” which ranges from beard services and eyebrow tinting. Data shows which services are trending and the average price for each of them—even down to a region of the United States and the size of the salon. (more…)

The Face of the Jan/San Market Continues to Change

M&A activities in the U.S. market for jan/san products
U.S. Market for Janitorial Cleaning Products

Over the past several years, there have been many high-profile mergers and acquisitions in the U.S. jan/san market, such as Ecolab’s acquisition of Swisher Hygiene and Sealed Air’s acquisition of Diversey. However, as these businesses are being integrated into their larger parent companies, the portion of the business that does not match the parent company’s core strengths or vision for the future are being divested. According to Kline’s data, the 10 leading suppliers of jan/san cleaning products account for 37% of total sales in 2014. The market continues to change, with companies strengthening their positions in their usual segments, as well as entering new segments through mergers and acquisitions. (more…)

How Is Korean Beauty Making an Impact?

Korean Beauty
Korean Beauty

As a symbol of looking beautiful at every age with a youthful, dewy complexion, Korean beauty has been the most talked about trend in the U.S. beauty industry for the past few years. The offer of a personalized, targeted approach to beauty addressing specific skin concerns and offering value for money has resonated with U.S. beauty lovers looking for the next best thing to cater to their needs. Drawing on the recently published K-Beauty: Riding the Wave in the United States, Kline’s beauty experts answer some questions on K-beauty and its impact on the U.S. beauty market. (more…)

How Well Do You Understand the Natural Consumer?

Natural Personal Care Products and OTC Medicines
Natural Personal Care Products and OTC Medicines

Consumers’ desire for natural products doesn’t pertain only to foods and beverages, but extends into many other areas, including personal care products and OTC medicines. Consumers are increasingly aware of ingredients and seek transparency in labeling for products that will be applied topically or ingested. Environmental concerns, green consciousness, and sustainability are important to consumers who are driving strong growth of natural products in both the personal care and natural OTC markets. The U.S. market for natural personal care products has grown over 7% recently while the U.S. market for natural OTC medicines has grown over 11%, fueled by growing consumer awareness and interest in using these products.

In a recent survey of American adult consumers conducted by Kline, 46% note they used natural OTCs both for prevention of illness and to treat themselves when they are sick. Over time, the use of natural OTCs has increased, with 50% of consumers indicating more usage now than one year ago, and nearly two-thirds noting they buy and use natural OTCs more now than they did five years ago. (more…)

Floor care robots and wide area air care products steal the ISSA Interclean Show

Issa Interclean Show
ISSA Interclean

Last week, Kline attended the ISSA Interclean Show in Chicago, and it was great to see so many exhibitors and clients. It seems that the industry is starting to catch up to technology with the release of floor care robots. Sealed Air Taski’s Intellibot Aerobot 1850 and Minuteman’s Autonomy Roboscrub machine were of the more prevalent robots roaming around and cleaning floors. In addition to being a first-time exhibitor at the show, the Autonomy by Brain Corp. product won the “Innovation of the Year” award from ISSA. The company’s concept is to further the knowledge towards autonomous, machine-learning systems. (more…)

Skin Rejuvenation: From Tattoo Removal to Fine Lines

Tattoo Removal Products and Services USA
Tattoo Removal Products and Services USA

Getting a tattoo is no longer a lifetime commitment with the new removal techniques available. During a tattoo, ink permeates the skin to varying degrees. Depending on the color, depth of the needle, and the type of ink used, tattoos can look fresh and vibrant for long periods of time. However, what happens when the ink fades and the customer is left with a faded, blurry unappealing mark? The options are limited to having the tattoo covered, redone, or removed. In this day and age of millennials, blemished skin is no longer an option.

Technology has finally caught up to the way artists “sling ink” for removal. Various fade creams have always touted the ability to help remove or pull out the ink. However, laser removal has advanced to the point that, in most cases, tattoos can be completely removed, but, this option is not without substantial pain and cost. (more…)