After Years of Stagnancy, Nail Enhancements Take Off

Professional Nail Care
Professional Nail Care

Powered by the nail enhancements category, the global professional nail care market rebounds, increasing by over 6% in 2017, according to our soon-to-be-published Professional Nail Care: Global Market Brief. Resurging interest in the dipping powder systems and the launch of new hybrid gels are among the key drivers moving this market forward.

With approximately 18% growth, nail enhancements is the fastest-growing category in the global professional nail care market in 2017. Most of this growth is being driven by the dipping powder systems, which began as a trend in late 2016 and become mainstream in 2017 with various marketers adding these systems to their product portfolios. (more…)

Creating a Data-savvy Salon Sales Force

Kline PRO - A powerful tool for the salon industry based on transactional data
Kline PRO – A powerful tool for the salon industry based on transactional data

How salon hair care brands can move more products and add salon shelves with the help of data.

The landscape for the salon hair care market has been rapidly changing, with many brands expanding their distribution through new channels, including retailers like Sephora and Ulta. Despite this, Salon Hair Care Global Series, our latest report on the salon hair care market, shows that hair care brands in the United States still prefer professional salon outlets for reaching their target consumer. Sales of professional hair care products through salons account for 74% of total sales. (more…)

Top Performing E-commerce Beauty Items Revealed by Amalgam

Amalgam tablet BBFive of the top 10 beauty and personal care products jumped more than 200 spots to become one of the top 10 best-performing items in online sales in February 2018, with Ulta’s Eyeshadow Single jumping more than 2,000 spots, reveals Kline’s new digital tool, Amalgam. This service scores and ranks beauty items and brands based on best-selling product listings and customer ratings and reviews across nearly 20 leading retailer websites to identify which brands and products are winning in the digital space. To look inside the Q1 2018 findings, REGISTER for our webinar taking place on May 1, 2018. (more…)

EYE ON TECHNOLOGY: How Beauty Brands Stay Ahead of the Curve

loreal-and-modifaceThe concept of “if you can’t beat them, join them” has become one of the strategies for growth within the beauty industry recently, with many major players acquiring promising brands. While the most commonly acquired brands were in the beauty space, the situation is changing as companies race to keep up with Gen Z and remain competitive technologically. Staying ahead of competitors with the most innovative app or latest in-store technology is just as crucial as keeping up with product trends. (more…)

Naturals – The New Mainstream Wonders of Beauty

Natural Beauty
Natural Beauty

Naturals continue to gain strength with today’s increasingly conscious consumers who choose greener alternatives in all aspects of their lives, be it food, detergents, or beauty and personal care products. The record-breaking size and attendance of the Natural Expo West Show we attended earlier this month has undoubtedly confirmed that natural products are a mainstream movement that is here to stay. Here are some key observations our team made for the upcoming 2018 edition of our Natural Personal Care Global Series report. (more…)

Top Five Trends to Watch in the U.S. Professional Skin Care Market

Professional Skin Care
Professional Skin Care

The U.S. professional skin care market performed at its best in 2017, posting a strong growth of over 6%. Findings from our recently published U.S. volume for our Professional Skin Care Global Series reveal several reasons behind this solid growth, and some of the noteworthy developments are discussed below.

  • Two key channels continue to dominate

The medical care providers channel is the largest channel of distribution and continues to gain market share. The number of physicians providing skin care treatments and dispensing products is increasing quickly, creating a favorable environment for beauty marketers. (more…)

Four Strategic Levers for Beauty Legacy Brands to Reignite Relevance in an Indie Brand World

four-beauty-leversThe facts are in: 2017 was not a good year for some of beauty’s mega brands. Industry icons like Cover Girl and Gillette, former and current Procter & Gamble brands, respectively, reported disappointing sales despite their usual big wallet marketing budgets. Noteworthy indie brands, such as Huda Beauty and Glossier, are realizing off-the-chart growth, with by comparison, change purse budgets. While the path forward does point to marketing budgets shifting to social media, as well as engaging with well-known (and often increasingly expensive) influencers, such as Michelle Phan, that approach may only partially help mega brands sustain if not regain their stature and relevance with consumers. Susan Babinsky, head of Kline’s CPG management consulting team, provides her point of view on four key strategic levers that mega brand leaders need to adopt in whole or in part to remain competitive. (more…)

The U.S. Beauty Devices Market Rebounds, Spearheaded by the Acne Category Posting Over 40% Growth

anti-aging beauty deviceFueled by the acne category, the U.S. beauty devices market rebounds and is back on a growth trajectory, according to Kline’s recently published Beauty Devices: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities, analyzing the full year of 2017. Contributing to the healthy growth, many new, innovative products were launched and new marketers have made their way into the industry. (more…)

Beauty Devices: What’s Powering Growth?

NuBody Skin Toning Device by NuFace
NuBody Skin Toning Device by NuFace

Our recently published report on the beauty devices market showed optimistic growth in the United States in 2017, which was in contrast to the 3% decline the prior year. Globally, we expect that the beauty devices market will grow stronger in 2017 than in 2016, based on preliminary findings of our Europe and Asia research. Kline’s beauty device experts Kelly Alexandre and Karen Doskow weigh in on the market moving forward. (more…)