Commercial Usage, Female Riders, and Rural Markets Support Strong Growth for the MCO Market through 2022

women and red scooter
Percentage of female riders in the two-wheeler market is increasing

The global two-wheeler population is estimated to increase at a CAGR of over 5% through 2022, with the highest growth coming from Asia-Pacific. Consequently, the total demand for motorcycle oils (MCO) is forecast to grow strong at a CAGR of 3.5% during the same period. Three-fourths of the total MCO demand comes from Asia-Pacific, where four countries—India, China, Indonesia, and Thailand—combined account for more than half of the total MCO demand globally, (more…)

Small, Yet Dynamic: A Dive into the German Professional Skin Care Market

Professional Skin Care in Germany
Professional Skin Care in Germany

The professional skin care market in Germany grows by 4%, in line with the overall European market growth in 2017, according to our freshly-published Professional Skin Care Germany market analysis. Germany is the third-largest country in Europe and accounts for about one-fifth of the overall region. Several factors drive professional skin care products in Germany, some of which include new product developments, substantial growth in the number of new spas and medical aesthetic clinics, as well as a greater variety of in-salon treatments for different age groups, skin care concerns, and lifestyles. (more…)

Amazon Salon Pro and Natural Products Shake Up the German Salon Market

Professional Hair Care
Professional Hair Care

Germany is the largest professional hair care market in Europe, driven by hair coloring, which makes up over 40% of salon hair care sales, according to our soon-to-be-published Salon Hair Care Global Series. Consumers in Germany continue to visit the salon for hair color services, as well as to experiment with lower commitment hair colors. On the other hand, marketers launch innovative color ranges, such as Goldwell’s Pure Pigments range, which claims high definition color intensity. (more…)

Commercial Laundry Trends in Extended Care

Trends in the professional cleaning segments.
Trends in the professional cleaning segments.

Kline is actively conducting research with end users of laundry chemicals to assess their usage, perceptions, and perspectives on emerging trends. The extended care segment, including nursing homes, assisted living, and independent living facilities, are part of this research. The most commonly used laundry chemicals among extended care facilities are detergent, bleach, and fabric softeners although unscented softeners are preferred due to the fragile patient populations at these facilities. Extended care facilities are most concerned with sanitizing and disinfecting their laundry, resulting in a majority preferring to process laundry on the premises rather than sending it out. Other important laundry chemical attributes for this end-user group include chemical performance and stain removal.  (more…)

New Biological Treatments are gaining market share in the Global Nematicide Industry.

nematicides_growing _crop
New Treatments in the Global Nematicide Industry

Nematodes are classified into its own phylum which encompasses thousands of differing species. Microscopic in size, the majority of these soil-dwelling wormlike species are parasitic to plants and one of the main causes for crop damages. As a result, nematicides are a niche but relevant part of the crop protection industry. The 2016 crop year alone saw global sales of nematicide products reaching almost a billion dollars, according to the Global Nematicides report from Kline. Profiling 13 key countries, this report offers in-depth analysis into the main parasitic nematodes, the crops affected, and the products used for the control of these species. (more…)

Focus on sustainability at ISSA’s Interclean Amsterdam show

Highlights from the largest cleaning trade show.
Highlights from the largest cleaning trade show.

Europe’s largest commercial cleaning trade show was held last week in Amsterdam, and Kline was in attendance, meeting with our clients in the industrial and institutional cleaning industry. The overall focus was a holistic approach to cleaning and making use of green innovation that keeps the environment and end users safe. All cleaning product and tool components are being evaluated from chemical formulations to packaging and batteries for their impact on the environment. Innovation was the focus ranging from green cleaning to sustainability to waste management and environmentally friendly packaging. (more…)

Webinar – The PCMO Market in 2040: Analysis of Emerging Structural Challenges and Opportunities







Join Sharbel Luzuriaga, Project Manager in Kline’s Energy/Petroleum Practice, who will provide attendees with the following insights:

  • Key market developments and industry trends
  • Areas where growth opportunities exist
  • How the market is performing
  • The market’s outlook

If you are interested in joining us for this webinar, please, register by Monday, May 14.


Or read our latest blog Multiple Scenarios of PCMO Demand through 2040 Unveiled in Kline’s New Analysis.

Genuine Oil in Japan – A Different Distribution Pattern from ROW

OEM-Genuine-oil-marketGenuine oil (OEM-branded engine oil) demand growth in Asia-Pacific will be driven by growth in the overall passenger car motor oil (PCMO) demand, which in turn is driven by an increase in automotive production and car population. Japan, a mature market of the region, Japan, shows slower vehicle growth with an average service life of passenger cars around 12 to 13 years. Toyota and Honda together account for 50% of passenger vehicle sales in Japan. (more…)

Top Five Dynamics to Watch in the U.K. Salon Hair Care Market

The U.K. Salon Hair Care Market
The U.K. Salon Hair Care Market

The United Kingdom is one of the most dynamic markets for salon hair care products in Europe, experiencing robust growth year over year. It is also a country to watch for new trends that eventually make their way into other European markets after some delay. Spotting the trends and other key performance indicators will now be much easier with the launch of Kline PRO into the U.K. market. Kline PRO is a revolutionary salon tracking tool that enables users to access the latest sales performance data on the professional hair care industry. The ability to view sales at the product level, based on actual salon transactions, provides meaningful insights to marketers and allows them to manage their business like never before. It is more important now than ever to have fact-based data to understand the salon hair care market. While 85% of product sales remain in the salons, that share may slip as the business continues to change. (more…)

From consumers to commercial users, Kline’s research knows noses

Trends in home fragrances and air care products
Trends in home fragrances and air care products

Kline & Company has the air care market well covered. Kline’s venerable Home Fragrances study covers the dynamic market of products that provide the home with scent and ambiance. Recording a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 2.0% in the last five years, the market rises to $4.2 billion in 2017 as luxury brands remain market-movers and the candles category shines bright, driven by new product formats, ever-evolving artistic vessel designs, and wellness-inspired offerings. Double-digit gains are seen among brands like Voluspa, Chesapeake Bay Candle, Nest, Diptyque, WoodWick, Illume, and Paddywax, while HomeWorx, a new entrant created by home fragrance guru Harry Slatkin, finds success by connecting directly with consumers through the home shopping network QVC. (more…)