Diversion – Hot Topic at the Annual Academy of Dermatology Meeting

Professional Skin Care
Professional Skin Care

Industry buzz was across the board at this year’s AAD conference held in sunny Orlando, FL, as marketers, suppliers, and dermatologists converged to discuss emerging medical technologies, new treatments for skin conditions, and the impact of a new administration on the healthcare system. The exhibit hall showcased new products—both topical and devices. It was also a place where marketers chatted with us openly about areas like amalgamation of dermatologist groups and how to curtail diversion.

From a business standpoint, marketers acknowledged their frustrations with the diversion epidemic, which is rampant in this industry. Marketers spoke about the merits of Amazon’s new professional platform, but realized it has limitations as well. Other diversion-curbing platforms at the show were RegimenMD, which is slowly ramping up its physician bases of subscribers. The problem is an internal one as well, with marketers agreeing that they must do a better job of tracking sales to accounts who blatantly overorder. (more…)

Beauty Gets Personalized: Connectivity is Key

iDerma Youth Restoring Masque
iDerma Youth Restoring Masque

From skin care to hair care, a new class of tech-driven beauty products has emerged in the market, allowing consumers to self-treat their issues in real time. While Kline has reported on beauty device companies launching complementary apps to beauty devices, 2017 marks the year of personalization’s emergence in the field. Beauty companies and tech companies alike are playing in this new space that links high–priced devices to phone apps.

Companies more advanced in Internet of Things (IoT) are pinpointing gaps in the beauty devices market and entering it to offer innovative solutions to customized beauty. At CES 2017, Samsung, a company famous for its electronics, unveiled two new beauty concepts—the S-Skin and Lumini devices. (more…)

Top 10 Factors Driving Growth of the Global At-home Beauty Devices Market in 2016

Top 10 Trends on the At-home Beauty Devices Market
Top 10 Trends on the At-home Beauty Devices Market

The market for at-home beauty devices continues to deliver as sales increase by 11.5% in 2015 to reach nearly $2 billion at the manufacturers’ level, according to Kline’s recently released Beauty Devices: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities report. That strong growth is also slated for 2016 as well.

What’s contributing to this fantastic growth? Below are the top 10 factors driving the markets around the globe. (more…)

From Sun Protection to Fine Lines, AAD’s Annual Meeting Covers it All

American Association of Dermatologists’ 74th Annual Meeting
American Association of Dermatologists’ 74th Annual Meeting

As thousands of dermatologists converged in Washington, D.C. this past weekend to attend American Association of Dermatologists’ 74th Annual Meeting, we had the pleasure of poking around the exhibit hall to discover new products for improving skin conditions. Within just a few hours, one could have walked the floor and been cleansed, moisturized, and even receive a lip makeover from start to finish. From the serious issues of treating cancer to more novel affairs, like creating the Washington Monument out of thousands of playing cards, there were many interesting booths to discover. (more…)

Omni Channel: Beauty’s New Lowest Common Denominator

Channel Agnostic Beauty Retail Strategy
Channel Agnostic Beauty Retail Strategy

Kline has its finger on the pulse of beauty retailing, and this week we interview Donna Barson, Senior Associate, who handles Kline’s beauty retail research, to highlight some of the findings from our recently published Beauty Retailing USA: Channel Analysis and Opportunities.

Donna, how are marketers changing their retail strategies to reach today’s consumers? (more…)

Beauty’s Digital Pure Plays Go Physical

beauty retailing e-commerce market
Beauty Retailing Market USA

The last several years have been all about beauty marketers and retailers embracing digital. For good reason too, as e-commerce has been the fastest growing retail channel in the U.S. beauty market, advancing at a compound annual growth rate of 24% since 2009. In a turn of events, Kline observes the opposite occurring in 2014, as digital pure plays are increasingly expanding beyond the virtual world into the physical one.

Birchbox, the pioneer of online subscription sampling, opened its first physical store in New York City in 2014, followed by its first holiday pop-up shop for men later in the year. The firm has also teamed up with Gap to bring Birchbox to seven U.S. locations through pop-up shops. (more…)

Democratizing Beauty: A Look at the Changing Face of Skin Care CEW Event in Southern California

Beauty Devices: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities
Beauty Devices: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking at the CEW West Coast event, which is centered around one of my favorite topics—beauty devices. The event was well-attended by 250+ members and held at the very elegant and welcoming Shutters hotel in Santa Monica, CA.

I kicked off the meeting by sharing some of the topline influencers of today’s beauty devices market, along with exciting findings from our recently published Beauty Devices: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities report. As noted in our report, there’s certainly a need for more technology-based newness and opportunities to capture additional beauty device consumers through lower price points. (more…)

Skin Care from Head to Toe: All at the 24th ISPA Conference & Expo Show

Skin Care from Head to Toe: All at the 24th ISPA Conference & Expo ShowSkin care experts and enthusiasts converged at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas to attend The International Spa Association‘s annual conference last week. The show’s mantra focused on creativity in aspects of spa business, from ideation to the presentation of products.

The exhibition opening was celebrated with a vibrant introduction from the University of Las Vegas’ drum line. When the exhibit hall doors opened, there were brightly lit booths where spa directors and line representatives sampled the newest products, reviewed line sheets, and placed orders. (more…)

The Market for Home Fragrances: Status Quo or Raising the Bar?

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Ever feel like a quick pick-me-up? Needing something to help you sleep more soundly? A fragrance that triggers your favorite childhood memory? Home fragrance marketers are banking on generating emotion from memories of good times with new fragrance collections ranging from Febreze’s Sleep Serenity Collection of bedtime diffusers to Air Wick’s Familiar Favorites collection featuring Baby Magic, Snuggles, and Cinnabon scents. In 2013 scent preferences underline the classic appeal of nature-themed, and subtle fragrances, like “water,” “beach,” “air,” and “linen” are emerging as the most popular home fragrances, overtaking “floral,” “fruity,” “seasonal,” “spices,” and “masculine” fragrances. (more…)

Consumer Research for At-home Beauty Devices Points to China

Beauty Devices AsiaAccording to our recently completed consumer research on at-home beauty devices usage, all signs point to China as being the most opportunistic market for beauty device marketers, as well as for brands that address a myriad of beauty issues. The younger population are the ultimate “beauty junkies”

Our research queried women from six dynamic markets: China, Japan, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States on their beauty device usage, as well as their attitudes on aging and where they go for advice on products. In general, penetration was relatively low for device usage; overall, it was well above average in China where beauty devices are used by nearly 60% of respondents. (more…)