Infrastructure and societal pressures drive growth within the IVM market

Global Industrial Vegetation Management
Global Industrial Vegetation Management

Sales of pesticides to the segments of the industrial vegetation management (IVM) market covered in this study are estimated at over $490 million at the manufacturers’ level in 2017. This represents an average annual increase of 0.7% from sales in 2013. Herbicides, including aquatic herbicides, constitute the largest product category in 2017, accounting for over 95% of the total sales.

Rangeland and pastureland is the largest segment covered in this study, with estimated pesticide purchases valued at over $200 million at the manufacturers’ level in 2017, representing over 40% of total sales to the IVM segment. Roadways ranks second with over 15% of the total. (more…)

The Emerging Moroccan Consumer Automotive Segment Benefits from an Improved Economy and Modernized Vehicle Parc

Morocco finished lubricants, moroccan passenger car motor oil
Moroccan Consumer Automotive Segment

The total demand for consumer automotive lubricants in Morocco is an estimated 29 kilotonnes in 2015. The largest share of the demand comes from engine oils, including PCMO, PCDO, and 2T/4T, with a demand of over 70% of the total consumer lubricant volume. This is followed by gear oil with about 13% and grease and ATF with the remaining share.


Meet the New Normal: Bio-based Lubricants to Become More Prevalent in the Coming Years

Historically, bio-lubricants have constituted a small percentage of the finished lubricants market globally. The leading markets for bio-lubricants are primarily in North America and Europe, including the United States, Germany, and the Nordic countries.

In 2014, the market seemed to have tremendous potential. Now, in the early days of 2017, we are slowly witnessing the fruits of that potential. Government regulations and procurement seem to have created a demand for bio-based lubricants. However, it seems government initiatives alongside regulations and emergence of high performance basestocks are pushing the once niche segment to the forefront, albeit moderately. (more…)

South American Finished Lubricants Market: Time for Rebuilding

Sergio Rebelo addresses the audience at the 12th ICIS Pan American Base Oils & Lubricants Conference
Sergio Rebelo addresses the audience at the 12th ICIS Pan American Base Oils & Lubricants Conference

In a presentation at the ICIS Pan-American Conference held in December 2016, Sergio Rebelo, Managing Director in Kline’s South America affiliate, Factor, discussed the struggles and opportunities of the South American finished lubricants market.

South America has a population of 419 million and a continental GDP of USD 3.6 trillion, roughly 5% of the global total. The top countries in terms of GDP are Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia. Nonetheless, the region is undoubtedly experiencing a challenging economic climate. Projected growth has been cut in half since 2010 and is forecast to grow 2.5% per annum until 2020. (more…)