Hidden Opportunities for All Players Behind Low Volumetric Demand for Finished Lubricants

Finding opportunities in the global finished lubricants industry is becoming increasingly challenging as volumetric demand growth in many of the leading countries has been flat as Kline’s Global Lubricants: Market Analysis and Assessment report shows. This market situation asks for an aggressive plan when all marketers must watch for the far-out signals. Savvy marketers can then decode these signals into an actionable plan to grow lubricants sales and market share for years to come.

Salon Hair Care in Asia: Seize the Opportunities and Accept the Challenges

Salon Hair Care Asia
Salon Hair Care Asia

Most Asian markets, especially the biggest ones, such as China and Japan, are extremely challenging for global salon hair care players. Here are the top three main reasons why:

  1. Strong foothold of local players – The advantages they have over international brands, such as the image of being “more suitable for Asian hair,” coupled with strong distribution and education structure, results in many loyal customers. Leading companies, such as Milbon in Japan or Shanghai Shobrunn in China, continue to have a very much “hands-on” approach to their home markets with active sales representatives, a continuous pipeline of new launches, and a strong focus on education. (more…)

Innovators Pushing the Makeup Industry

MakeUp in New York 2017
MakeUp in New York 2017

The MakeUp in New York Show was a great reminder of some of the most important issues facing the makeup industry in 2017. Below are some of our key takeaways from the event, with Kline’s perspective on the issues.


We can’t talk about the makeup industry in the United States without mentioning of one of the most dynamic forces in the industry—indie brands. Kline’s latest report Beauty’s Most Buyable Brands: Analysis of Booming Independent Brands in the United States found that indie brands are contributing to double- and triple-digit gains in the beauty industry. (more…)

New Specifications are Driving Increased Activity within the Lubricant Additives Market

lubricant additives
Global Lubricant Additives: Market Analysis and Opportunities

Energy conservation, GHG regulations, and modernization of vehicle fleets and heavy equipment drive the lubricants market towards higher performance oils which in turn leads to an increase in additive consumption, particularly for dispersants, antioxidants, and viscosity modifiers, according to the recently published Global Lubricant Additives: Market Analysis and Opportunities report by global market research and management consulting firm Kline.

Lubricant additives are used to enhance the performance of base oil. They are used to improve wear, thickening, oxidative stability, cleanliness, and dispersancy of the fully-formulated fluid, among others. Additive consumption depends on several factors, such as specification upgrades and drain intervals. (more…)

Bringing Natural Beauty into the Mainstream

Natural Beauty
Natural Beauty

No longer a niche movement, naturally positioned and nature-inspired products continue to rise as consumers increasingly demand transparency and sustainability in their beauty products. The U.S. natural personal care market is thriving, recording strong growth of nearly 10% in 2016, with forecast growth to continue along the same trajectory for 2017, according to our Natural Personal Care Global Series report.

While previously only found in upscale specialty food retailers like Whole Foods, natural beauty has gone mainstream, entering traditional retailers, such as Target and CVS, in recent years, and the category continues to expand on the retail scene throughout 2017. (more…)

Application-related Trends Dominate the Dynamics of the Regional Synthetic Latex Polymers Markets

Synthetic Latex Polymers: Global Market Overview
Synthetic Latex Polymers: Global Market Overview

Amounting to nearly USD 33 billion, the global synthetic latex polymers market is shaped by diverse regional characteristics, according to Kline’s global program Synthetic Latex Polymers: Global Business Analysis and Opportunities. North America, China, and Europe are the largest markets, together accounting for around 70% of consumption globally. India and Southeast Asia are also significantly large markets, characterized by high growth.

Globally, paints and coatings is the largest application of synthetic latex polymers. However, regional dynamics play a pivotal role in determining the nature of application markets. (more…)

ISSA/Interclean Show Features Advanced Technologies and Innovative Formulations

ISSA/Interclean North America 2017
SOURCE: issainterclean.com

The 2017 ISSA/Interclean North America show brought together over 16,000 cleaning and hygiene professionals in Las Vegas, NV. The event was filled with exciting workshops and top-line innovation in the technology, cleaning chemicals, and business practices.

The show floor and innovation showcase sections were filled with over 700 exhibitors, including suppliers and distributors, who shared experiences and demonstrated state-of-the-art products. (more…)

Professional Skin Care: Eye on Europe

Professional Skin Care
Professional Skin Care

The professional skin care market in Europe enjoys another year of dynamic growth, according to Kline’s soon-to-be-published Professional Skin Care Global Series report. Key countries for the region, such as France, the United Kingdom, and Germany, account for over 50% of the total European sales in 2017. The region is dominated by local companies, such as Clarins, Babor, and Dermalogica, respectively.

Beauty institutes and spas continue to be the largest channel, accounting for the majority of the market share. However, growth through this channel is slowing down due to the growing popularity of the retail channel, especially the Internet, as more consumers are making replenishment purchases through the Internet to refill their product supply rather than visiting aestheticians. Some large brands, such as Dermalogica, have also increased their focus on the retail channel in 2016 and 2017. (more…)

Three Reasons for Chemical Suppliers to Focus on Shale Oil and Gas

Chemicals for Unconventional Oil and Gas Fields
Chemicals for Unconventional Oil and Gas Fields

The rebounded prices for crude oil help the production of shale oil and gas to recover, after the all-time low in 2016. Manufacturing costs for shale oil and gas, specifically in the United States, have also fallen by almost 25-30% in the last few years, resulting in increased production from these sources. The United States and Canada are the leading suppliers of oil and gas from shale and tight resources, together accounting for more than 90% of the global market. In the long term, U.S. production of shale oil and shale gas is expected to double by 2035 and 2040, respectively. Canada will also double the production of shale gas by 2040. As a result, the consumption of chemical additives used in the development of these fields is set to grow. (more…)

The Struggle is Real…at Least for Independent Hair Salons

Professional Hair Styling Products
Professional Hair Styling Products

A double-digit decline is definitely not a good way to kick off a new year. The Kline PRO database, which is based on actual salon transactions, shows that retail product sales to clients in the first quarter of 2017 are down by nearly 13% over the first quarter of last year. For those that were hoping to shake off 2016’s 5% overall slide, it could be a long year.

Why is this happening, and what can be done to turn it around? The landscape of the professional salon industry has changed in recent years. Competition for sales is fierce and coming from all sides: big chain salons, beauty super stores, diverted product retailers, and the Internet. (more…)