Lucrative Opportunities Exist in the Nascent Lubricants for Wind Turbines Market

lubricants for wind turbines
Lubricants for Wind Turbines: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities

The split of lubricant consumption by region tracks the division of global installed capacity. China is the largest market for lubricants used in wind energy, accounting for 34% of total demand, followed closely by the United States with 21%. Germany and India account for an approximate share of 6% each. However, Germany’s demand is slightly more than that of India according to the recent Lubricants for Wind Turbines: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities report by global market research and management consulting firm Kline. (more…)

Behind the Beard Trend: Will Barbershops Continue to Thrive?

Will Barbershops Continue to Thrive?
Will Barbershops Continue to Thrive?

Over the last three years, the professional hair care industry has been a witness to the rapidly increasing interest of male consumers in using professional hair care products. While one could trace several factors contributing to this phenomenon, such as more professional hair care products being launched specifically for men or the greater interest from male consumers to use products with high efficacy, the root of this change is instead linked to the emergence of a new cultural shift among men focused on cultivating the sense of a natural lifestyle, strong identity, and masculinity through good grooming. (more…)

How has the Market for Probiotics Evolved into a Success Story?

Probiotics Market

In a recent blog post, we discussed the probiotics market, which widely appeals to many U.S. consumers seeking more natural solutions to their health issues, but where did it all start and how did it become so popular? Probiotics awareness specifically received its first boost in the United States with the ubiquitous advertising for Dannon’s probiotic-rich yogurt, Activia, in the early 2000s, featuring actress Jamie Lee Curtis. According to a recent research study, the benefits of probiotics are well-known, with 73% of U.S. consumers with digestive problems aware that “probiotics are used to help maintain the natural balance of organisms in the intestine.” This is up significantly from “47% aware” about 10 years ago. In addition, awareness of the term “probiotics” grew from 9% in 2002 to 60% in 2009 among adults, according to a study by the National Marketing Institute. (more…)

M&A Drives Professional Skin Care Industry Shakeup

The professional skin care industry is undergoing a facelift of its own as new players grab hold of some of this sector’s hottest assets going into 2017. Global beauty marketer L’Oréal was by far the early mover with its 2005 acquisition of the leading medical channel brand SkinCeuticals. Big pharma players Allergan and Valeant entered more recently with their respective purchases of SkinMedica in 2012 and Obagi in 2013. (more…)

Industrial & Institutional Hand Care Poised for Strong Growth

Industrial and Institutional Hand Care

In the presence of many infectious diseases, consumers understand the important role hand hygiene plays in maintaining good health. The public has become more aware about frequent hand washing as a tool to avoid viruses and the spread of germs, which has resulted in an increased frequency of handwashing. Sales of professional-use hand care products surpass other professional cleaning chemicals, growing at 3.6% in 2015 to nearly $1.5 billion at the end-user level.

New LED Devices Illuminate the Global Beauty Devices Market in 2016

Neutrogena's Light Therapy Acne Mask
Neutrogena’s Light Therapy Acne Mask
Image source: Neutrogena’s Instagram

The growing popularity for using at-home beauty devices continues at the global level, driven by the ever-increasing number of new brands and products entering the market. In 2016, Kline embarks on its sixth edition of the global analysis of the at-home beauty devices study, which is set to unveil the latest trends, innovations, and most effective strategies in marketing adopted by marketers considered to be important game-changers in their local markets. Each year, this vibrant industry registers winners, underperformers, and notable acquisitions, which are often unexpected, but never missed by Kline. (more…)

Increased M&A Activity of Finished Lubricant Distributors

synthetic lubricants, finished lubricants market,Over the past decade, the consumer automotive finished lubes value chain has become a hotbed of merger and acquisition (M&A) activity.

The most active areas of M&A activity in the lubes industry, in terms of number of deals, has been among distributors. Over the past 20 years, some 70 mergers or acquisitions have been closed by the following five leading distributors: PetroChoice, RelaDyne, Pilot Thomas Logistics, Brenntag, and Flyers Energy.

There are several forces leading to lube distributor consolidation. Lube distributors are often family-owned. Estate planning and succession can present issues as the next generation of the family decides whether or not to continue operating the business or to divest to either a strategic or financial buyer. (more…)

Vape and Tobacco Shops Offer E-cigarette Makers Higher Margins

Vape and Tobacco Shops
Vape and Tobacco Shops

As of early August 2016, new FDA regulations took effect requiring e-cigarette manufacturers to prove their products meet public health standards. These new rules apply to manufacturers that began selling e-cigarettes before February 2007 and will now need to obtain FDA marketing authorization for existing and new e-cigarettes in order to continue selling these products. As a result, the cost of doing business just increased significantly for marketers in this industry. (more…)

Indies and Unique Experiences Trend Big in 2016

Makeup Trends
Makeup Trends

Earlier this month, we attended the sixth anniversary of the MakeUp in NewYork show, an event that brings together professionals involved in the booming and ever-changing makeup sector. Combining an extensive exhibitor display and insightful conference program, with nearly 3,000 people attending over two days, the event didn’t disappoint. In case you missed it, here are some of the hot topics addressed at the event. (more…)