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Brexit   Navigating the Potential Impact of Brexit on the Chemicals and Allied Industries
Let’s start with the facts that we all know. Brexit stands for British exit from the European Union. In order to calm the rising Euroscepticism...
Oil Prices   China, Oil Prices, and Europe: What Can the Chemical Industry Expect?
There is so much that could be said about the drivers of the turmoil we in the chemical industry are experiencing and will likely continue to experience...
Crude Oil   The Collapse in Crude Oil Prices: How is it Impacting Base Oil and Lubricants Markets?
Price volatility on the global commodity markets is an accepted fact of life, but when does short-term volatility become a trend, and what are the underlying causes behind that trend...
Data Oversupply   Some Data May be Cheap, but Could Prove Expensive: the Untold Stories
Companies are confronted on a daily, even hourly, basis with the need for data about their own businesses and intelligence about their competitors...
Procter & Gamble Beauty Divestitures   Procter & Gamble’s Beauty Divestitures are a Treasure Trove of Opportunities
Prospective acquirers are now diving into the details on the soon-to-be former brands of Procter & Gamble’s struggling beauty business...
Old Dog Learns New Tricks   Old Dog Learns New Tricks
A decade or so ago, Customer Satisfaction and Conjoint Analysis studies were all the rage. Virtually every company was carrying out these surveys on...
Base Stock   Margin Levers Impacting Group I and Group II Competitiveness
As much as the lubricants industry might wish it otherwise, base stocks production is becoming more commoditized, and it is intertwined… >>
Growth Strategy   Climbing the Ladder: The 5 “Rungs” of a Killer Growth Strategy
It seems rather obvious that most companies want to grow, in one way or another, and grow profitably at that… >>
Overcome Industry Stagnation through M&A   Shaking Things Up: How Smart Companies Overcome Industry Stagnation through M&A
Every industry goes through a similar lifecycle, from emerging to evolving, then reaching maturity and finally, decline. Early on, new players enter the market… >>
Base Oil Lubricant Formulations   The Twilight of Group I: How changes in lubricant formulations are driving fundamental shifts in base oil supply and pricing
The move toward lower viscosity, higher VI, lower volatility automotive engine oils demanded by modern… >>
Trade Secrets   Trade Secrets: 7 Key Details You Must Know About the Competition
Knowing what your competitors are doing right now - or planning to do in the future - enables your company to make smarter, more proactive decisions…
B2B Innovation   Breaking the mold: Five Ways to Amplify B2B Innovation
While innovation is most often discussed in a B2C context, many B2B companies have also earned recognition for tremendous strides in implementing a culture of innovation… >>
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Featured Video Presentation

Beauty Devices   The Dynamics of Beauty Devices
Kline's Karen Doskow on what’s trending in this growing—and global—beauty category...

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