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Thought Leadership

Old Dog Learns New Tricks   Old Dog Learns New Tricks
A decade or so ago, Customer Satisfaction and Conjoint Analysis studies were all the rage. Virtually every company was carrying out these surveys on...
Base Stock   Margin Levers Impacting Group I and Group II Competitiveness
As much as the lubricants industry might wish it otherwise, base stocks production is becoming more commoditized, and it is intertwined… >>
Growth Strategy   Climbing the Ladder: The 5 “Rungs” of a Killer Growth Strategy
It seems rather obvious that most companies want to grow, in one way or another, and grow profitably at that… >>

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Kline's April Index of Base Stock Production and Re-refining Cash Margins Shows a Rebound in Base Stock Profitability
Indian Lubricants Market on a Slow but Promising Path to Growth

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Base Oils Industry  
Geeta Agashe discusses changes to the Asia-Pacific base oil market in 2013 at the 7th Asia-Pacific Base Oil, Lubricants & Grease Conference in Bangkok…